Monitor and Flush Your Tank Shower Remotely

Entex Connect is a digital monitoring system enabling the remote control of emergency tank showers. The system reduces the pains involved with operating, maintaining and monitoring emergency tank showers. In addition, Entex Connect ensures that the tank showers are working to the ANSI and European standards, helping to keep you compliant and your employees safe.

The system constantly monitors the water level and temperature, reporting readings every 30 minutes, creating a digital log for your records.

Automatic weekly flushes can be scheduled outside of working hours and an instant ‘Quick Test’ can be actioned in the system allowing you to evaluate the performance of your shower at the touch of a button. A historic log of each test showing the flow rate of the shower is displayed clearly on the digital dashboard.

Notified Only When You Need To Be

The system intelligently evaluates data from the readings and tests, issuing notifications only when an error occurs. For example, a heating element failing or the water feed disrupted. Notifications help reduce downtime and uncertainties, all of which reduces the need for scheduled manual maintenance checks and the cost that goes with them.

ANSI & European health and safety standards request that tank showers must be tested once a week. The weekly automatic flushing facilitates meeting these standards without any human interaction. Regularly turning over the water in the tank avoids stagnant water build up and the cleaning costs that come with it, as well as, greatly reducing the risk of legionella.

ACTUATOR MATERIAL: Anodized Aluminum
ACTUATOR DIMENTIONS: 500 x 80 x 80mm
ACTUATOR DIMENTIONS: 289 x 239 x 107.4mm

Manufactured In Great Britain

Feature List

IP Rated Control Box
IP Rated Linear Actuator
Digital Flow Meter
Digital Water Level Indicator
Digital Temperature Probe
Online Software Platform
4G Router and Antenna
Satellite Data Connection