Disinfex Portable Decontamination Chamber

DIMENSIONS: 2048mm x 1657mm x 1000mm
WEIGHT (EMPTY): Approx 65 KG
MATERIALS: Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Polyethylene
PARTICLE SIZE: < 2 Microns
FLOW RATE: 6.5 L/h


The decontamination chamber uses ultrasonic technology to generate a dry mist of disinfectant which encapsulates the body, disinfecting your skin and clothing without leaving you soaking wet. To be used with Anolyte ANK, our non-toxic disinfectant that kills Viruses, Bacteria or other Pathogens that might be carried by a person passing through the booth.

Designed for both temporary and permanent uses, the decontamination booth can be transported on a pallet and assembled very quickly. The unit can be used indoors or outdoors making it perfect for offices, factories, train stations, airports or construction sites.

The booth has been independently tested using microbiology to show how effective it is at distributing the disinfectant and killing microbes on different surfaces. The results show that 30 seconds is a sufficient time to stay in a booth in order to kill harmful microbes on a person’s clothing.


– x4 – M8 Lifting Points
– Anchor Points
– PVC Curtains
– PIR Activated – Reduced Running Cost
– Creates a Ultrasonic Dry Fog
– Stainless Steel Protective Box
– 60L Easy Fill Storage Tank
– Fits within the 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2m pallet dimensions for cost effective transport
– Lightweight, portable design
– Can be easily unassembled and rebuilt

Is the disinfectant safe to breathe in?

Yes the disinfectant is non-toxic to humans and perfectly safe to breathe in

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