Industries We Work With

Entex works with companies within a range of different sectors to provide them with reliable safety solutions.


Oil and gas industries are at particular risk of contamination due to working with hazardous substances. This presents a great risk of irritation or burns to the skin and eyes. Often, sites within the industry are remote meaning they lack access to a clean water supply with adequate water pressure, making it difficult to provide emergency treatment to employees in the case of an accident.


Harsh chemicals are used within the water treatment process and exist within wastewater itself. When in contact with skin it can become irritable and may be harmful. Like oil and gas industries, water treatment sites can be placed in remote locations making it difficult to access a clean, high pressure water supply.


The manufacturing industry poses a diverse range of health and safety hazards that are vital to control, for example the handling of raw materials and chemicals. For example, within food manufacturing refrigeration poses the risk of coming into contact with ammonia, a substance that is corrosive when coming into contact with skin. When in contact with skin immediate treatment must be sought. Additionally, when working with tarmac within the aggregate industry Bitumen will cause harmful burns when in contact with skin.