Portable Disinfectant Room Fogger

DIMENSIONS: 1440 x 660 x 460mm
WEIGHT (EMPTY): Approx 30 KG
MATERIALS: Stainless Steel & Polyethylene, PVC-U, ABS
ACTIVATION: Mechanical Timer
FLOW RATE: < 6.5L/h
PARTICLE SIZE: < 2 Microns


The disinfex portable room fogger generates a dry fog of disinfectant to fill an entire room and disinfect all the surfaces within the room as well as the air. It’s high output fills rooms quickly without the man power, simply set the timer according to the room size and leave the unit running. The small (2 micron) particles it generates remain in the air for long periods of time and fill the room completely meaning 100% surface contact is achieved including the hard to reach areas.

Can be used with our non-toxic Anolyte ANK solution which alleviates the need to wear respiratory equipment or cordon off the room when fogging. The portable fogger is perfect for decontaminating hotel rooms, offices, schools, bars and restaurants, killing viruses, bacteria and any other harmful pathogens.

The compact design and 100mm caster wheels make the unit easy to move from room to room even across carpets.

The room fogger has been independently tested and verified by Aqualution to prove its effectiveness when used with hypochlorous acid. See full report below

What disinfectant is best to use with the cannon?

We provide a Hypochlorous acidbased disinfection liquid that is non-toxic, perfect for misting!

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